• Want to support women in math?

    We do!


    We want to foster gender equality within the Mathematics and related departments at UChicago. We hope to create a supportive and accepting environment for all women (and all gender identities) to provide the opportunity for students to interact outside the classroom environment and not be afraid to ask questions or receive more informal learning opportunities.

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  • Current Leadership

    Here are the people currently in charge!


    Paige MacKenzie

    Paige is a fourth year Math and Econ major in the College. She didn't realize she loved math until the end of her second year and has been a TA for MATH 131 and MATH 195.


    Rachel Lander

    Rachel is a third year Math major in the College. She has been a TA for MATH 153 and her favorite place to study is the Quantum Cafe.

  • FAQ

    The answer is  pretty much always to email us!

    How do I join?

    It's easy!

    Just request to join our listhost and we'll add you as soon as we're done proving the Prime Number Theorem! 

    How do I get more involved?

    However you want!

    We would love more people to help out and we have tons of opportunities for anyone. Email us and we'll set you on a path to success.

    Can anyone join?

    Of course!

    We welcome any human of any gender identity or major, we only require a passion for diversity in mathematics. This means first year English majors can come to any meeting. However, there is a graduate organization dedicated to graduate students.

    I'm not a student, how do I help?

    Please do!

    We'd love any support that you can give! Email us with your ideas and we'll get back to you shortly.

    How do I contact students in your organization?

    We want jobs!

    Email awmuchicago@gmail.com and we'll send along your note to our members.

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